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One of our meadows used for spreading ashes

Cremation - We offer two options for pet cremation:

  1. Ashes Returned to the Owner - We follow a strict protocol using an individual cremation to ensure that your pet's (and only your pet's) ashes are returned to you in a timely manner. Following the cremation process, the remains are processed to produce a fine and uniform ash that is returned to you.
  2. Ashes Not Returned to the Owner - A lower cost option for those who wish to leave the ashes with us. We have two meadows in rural settings where we scatter the ashes.

Home Pick Up - We have a limited area of pick up. Please call us if you anticipate needing pick up services to ensure we are available and if there will be an additional charge.

Veterinary Hospital Pick Up - We can provide pick up from local veterinary hospitals. Please call in advance when you set up your hospital appointment so that we can schedule the pick up.

Rollins Lab Pick Up - If you've had a necropsy performed on your pet at Rollins lab, we are authorized to pick up your pet from the lab. Please call us with the case number for this service.

Urns - We provide a standard urn as part of our individual cremation.

Pre-Planning - We understand that making important decisions during a time of emotional stress can be difficult. For those pet owners that wish to plan ahead, we offer pre-planning services where we outline our options and pricing so the client knows in advance the services they would like to use and the cost of those services. If there is a special urn that would be used, it also ensures that the urn is on hand when the need arises. While we do not offer a pre-payment option, we will gladly answer any questions you have to ensure you are prepared when you are ready to use our service.