Carolina Pet Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully the information provided here will answer any questions or concerns you may have about choosing cremation for your pet. We are always available to assist you personally in any way to help you through this difficult time.

Why choose cremation?
Pet cremation is a personal choice that must be made by the owner. Although there may be other options to consider such as burial, know where the closest cemetery is and whether you want to be that far away. If you choose home burial consider what would happen if you moved, and whether an apartment or townhome community will allow burial. Cremation is a dignified choice that honors the end of your pet’s life and still offers you choices.
What is Liquid Cremation?
Liquid cremation is a process using a solution of heated water and Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide to dissolve the body. We researched the details of the process and were uncomfortable with the procedure so we chose not to offer it as an option.
How can I be sure I get my pet’s ashes back?
  • Use a provider that has demonstrated through the years the highest level of integrity. We follow a strict Code of Ethics and Protocol developed by the IAOPCC.
  • Steve Weaver personally performs each cremation and signs a certificate of cremation.
What are my options for the ashes?
We will return your pet’s ashes to you in a timely matter. If you do not wish to receive the ashes back, we offer a lower cost cremation where we spread the ashes on a farm meadow.
Will you pick up my pet?
We are available to pick up your pet at your home, or your Veterinarian’s clinic. You are also welcome to bring your pet to our facility by appointment. We have a limited pick up area around Raleigh but understand transporting your pet may be difficult for you. Please call us to see if we are able to pick up your pet and if there will be a charge.
Where are you located?
Carolina Pet Services is conveniently located at 5725 Glenwood Ave. just past the beltline and Crabtree Mall
Do you have urns?
We provide a wooden chest with name plate for your pet's ashes.

What are your hours?

We are available by appointment between 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM but will gladly return calls after hours.

How do I schedule service?

We can usually provide pick up of your pet within 1-2 hours during weekdays (weekends may require a slightly longer time frame). Once we have received your pet, we will perform the cremation and have the ashes available in 1-2 days.